Tax Investigation

Our Tax Investigations Service will provide you with full, expert representation from an expert to handle HMRC enquiries on your behalf.

Regardless of how careful you are with your tax affairs, HM Revenue & Customs can randomly select you for a tax enquiry. Every taxpayer is at risk of an enquiry or investigation by HM Revenue & Customs, and with recent changes to the compliance regime, Tax Inspectors are becoming increasingly belligerent during investigations. A tax investigation can be one of the most stressful things in life. Tax investigations can be intimidating and are often avoidable. To help protect yourself it’s best to seek expert advice as soon as possible.

We at Muftals accountancy are committed in resolving all kinds of tax investigations, tax enquiries, tax disputes and conflicts with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). We understand the need to deal with a tax investigation quickly and be on top of the case rather than follow the tax investigation led by the HMRC tax inspectors.

We do everything we can to meet the client’s individual needs and shoulder the pressure leaving them to focus on their business. We can guide you through the process and negotiate directly with HM Revenue & Customs to ensure that tax, interest charges and penalties are minimised. Our clients have the minimal contact necessary with HMRC, while we defend the client’s position and fight hard to get the minimum possible tax penalty and settlement.

Our Tax Investigation Insurance covers all of the following (and more):

ü  Full Enquiries

ü  Aspect Enquiries

ü  Business Inspection Notices

ü  VAT


ü  IR35 disputes


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